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Occupational Health and Safety

Advanced is committed to a well-developed  Occupational Health and safety program that will excel in the protection of our employees, Assets, and Communities from Occupational Incidents. In addition, Advanced Continue supports the Industry’s Guiding principles in Occupational Health and safety to comply with government regulations through Advanced Leadership practices.  


Employees at every level, including senior management, are embedded the Occupational health and safety practices as part of Advanced Culture in routine activities. In addition, management supports the coordination of safety among all workers and contractors on the job site and has encouraged compliance toward Occupational Health and Safety Practices.  


Management encourages employees’ engagement and participation in occupational Health and safety programs and initiatives and provides proper required Resources, training, and guidance to achieve the concept of continuous improvement on the part of Occupational health and safety. Employees feel responsible for following all Occupational Health and safety practices, maintaining the necessary protection measures to work safely, and, where ever possible, improving safety standards. An injury and accident-free workplace is our optimum goal, and Through the collaborative efforts of Advanced team, we can accomplish this goal.