39.35 SAR

Ulsan PP

Ulsan PP Co., Ltd. (Ulsan PP) is a joint venture between PolyMirae and SK Advanced. Established in November 2018, the company is headquartered in the new port of Hwangseong-dong, Namsan-gu, Ulsan, South Korea. Ulsan PP utilizes LyondellBasell’s world leading fifth generation Spheripol technology with 400 kiloton annual capacity, which is one of the largest polypropylene plants of its kind in Asia.

The Ulsan PP plant will leverage a vertically integrated value chain of SK, converting propane supplied by SK Gas to propylene by SK Advanced and finally to polypropylene with LyondellBasell’s leading Spheripol PP process technology. Through this integrated value chain approach, the companies will enhance the stable supply of raw materials, operational efficiency and responsiveness to market changes.