Advanced Petrochemicals


Process Description Propylene, ethylene catalyst and any other required co-monomers are fed into the reactor(s). Hydrogen is added to control the molecular weight. Polymerization conditions (temperature, pressure and reactant concentrations) are set by the polymer grade being made. The reaction itself is exothermic and reactor cooling is achieved by flash heat-exchange, where liquefied reactor gas […]

CATOFIN ® Dehydrogenation

CATOFIN dehydrogenation is a continuous process, with cyclic reactor operation. During the hydrocarbon processing step, fresh feed and recycle feed (from C3 splitter bottoms) are vaporized by exchange with various process streams and then raised to reaction temperature in the charge heater. The reactor effluent is routed through a high pressure steam generator, feed-effluent exchanger, […]


ABB Lummus Global Inc. (Novolen Lummus) is part of the ABB Group. It is a US company with Technology Holdings B.V., a worldwide network of integrated project execution centers, providing advanced process technologies, project management, engineering, procurement and construction. Related services: Lummus and its affiliate, NTH, own the CATOFIN® PDH and NOVOLEN technologies, respectively. EPC […]