Advanced Petrochemicals


Integrated Policy for Environment, Health, Safety, Security, Quality,
Information Security and Responsible Care®

Advanced Petrochemical Company is committed to


quality products & services that meet stakeholders’ expectations.


with all relevant laws, regulations, standards and other applicable requirements.


Our policies ensure we consult and engage the relevant personnel in decision making for work related activities.


pollution, injuries, eliminate hazard, and provide a safe & secure work environment throughout the supply chain.


openness with our stakeholders and respond to community concerns throughout the life cycle of our products and services.


Visible leadership, commitment and involvement from Executive Management team & other levels of “Advanced” with respect to Responsible Care® and Information Security.


the environment, health, safety, information security and security of our employees, contractors, customers and the community where we operate in consistent with company values, Information Security, and Responsible Care® Guiding Principles.


our business practices through organizational excellence, create a competitive work environment in ethical ways and implement effective developmental and motivational programs that enhances the performance and competence of our employees.


Quality and continuous improvement are the basic operating principles at Advanced. As a pioneer institution in the sector in terms of quality, we are conscious of our responsibilities for the stakeholders. We have adopted sustainable growth as our life style, our target is to present products and services, which will ensure the greatest benefit for our customers, as the best solution partner and to ensure repeated customer satisfaction. 

Reducing our costs, increasing our long-term profitability, keeping our future safe can be ensured if we work with our employees within the framework of collaboration and trust. In this context our objective is to adopt Total Quality Management as a life style and fulfill its needs with a view to ensuring quality consciousness in all activity fields and service units systematically and regularly, thereby contributing to our management strategies. At Advanced, we are committed to obtain business perfection through Total Quality Management & Management Strategies.


Advanced recognizes the serious challenges facing our eco-system and is committed to improving the environmental performance of its operations, products and services. Our greatest contribution to meeting the challenge is to pioneer new technologies for environmentally progressive products and services. Advanced has implemented aggressive targets for improving its environmental performance for its operations. 

Advanced has always commitment to regulatory compliance and a legacy of environmental performance improvements in its products and services. And by learning from and enabling its employees to drive change, Advanced is embedding environmental thought and action into everything we do.


Advanced is committed to a strong safety and loss prevention program that will protect our staff, our property and the general public from accidents. In addition to this policy, management supports the Industry Guiding principles for Worker Safety and complies with government regulations. 

Employees at every level, including senior management are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives. Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job, is necessary for safety excellence. Management supports coordination of safety among all workers and contractors on the job site and has posted the Guiding principles . 

Management supports participation in the program by all employees and provides proper equipment, training, and safe operating procedures. Employees are responsible for following all safe operating procedures, work safely and where ever possible, improve safety standards. An injury and accident free workplace is our goal. Through continuous safety and loss prevention efforts, we can accomplish this goal.